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Fused Glass Waves

Kat’s Waves sit in a black stand and are either 10″ or 12″ wide.

Made to order. Created with small pieces of mostly transparent glass and tiny glass called frit, my Waves are each one of a kind and require multiple firings using a contour fusing technique, allowing for texture, so each piece of glass stands out as if it were a brush stroke. Each Wave is approximately 12″ x 12″ and comes with a metal stand that raises it up a few inches. Waves can be made with different colors of glass. My Waves take about 2 weeks to create and are delivered priority mail. Free shipping within the U.S.

Price: $300

To order contact Kat via email at

Fused Glass Wall Sculptures

I love working with organic elements and creating movement in my pieces.

“Eternal” is an eternal flame. I had some cool red transparent glass and I started cutting the glass in big swoops. I didn’t know what I was going to make with it. But as I started to play with the individual pieces of glass it came together as a fiery, eternal flame. It’s one of my favorite pieces and won “Gallery Choice” in the Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s ALL Abstract in 3D/Mixed Media competition.

“Eternal” is available for $495, with free shipping in the U.S.



For me, “Fragile” isn’t about being made of glass. It’s about the Fragility of nature, which like glass can last forever or be gone in an instant. This piece is 12″w x 18″h and has gone through 5 firings. When I first made it after it’s first firing, I opened the cool kiln and called over my young 6-year-old godson Breon, who was living with us at the time with his mom. I was so proud of the piece. I said something, “Look at this, buddy!” He came over and said something like, “Wow! Cool” and he reached into the kiln to pick it up. I’m like, “Don’t touch it. You might break it.” So I reached in pick it up by the trunk and it snapped off into a bunch of pieces because the top was heavy. I remember closing my eyes and saying to him, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t do that?” And yes, I’m sure his 6-year-old self was very happy he wasn’t the one to break it. Four firings later it’s very sturdy.

“Fragile” won an Honorable Mention in the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s Nature competition.

“Fragile” is available for $375, which includes shipping in the U.S.



I really wanted to see what I could do with a blast of colors and came up with “Balance”. It’s 12″w x 18″h. This piece has a lot of transparency in it and seemed to have an odd kind of balance with a bunch of colors.

“Balance” is available for $275, which includes shipping in the U.S.



“Flight” won Best In Show in the Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s ALL Women in 3D/Mixed Media competition. I had gotten some scrap glass that had a lot of iridized blue, yellow and red glass. It fires up very shiny and I wanted to put two pieces together to make a bigger piece since my kiln was limited in size. I didn’t set out to make it look like birds in flight, but it kind of does. Or maybe two feathers blowing in the wind. But I loved the way it came out.

“Flight” has stand-offs attached, which means metal pieces are attached to the back so it looks like it’s floating off the wall. It’s a very cool effect.

“Flight” is available for $500, with free shipping the U.S.



So I bought a big piece of Dichroic glass and it was just so pretty. What to do with it. My kiln only could make 13″x13″ pieces at the time. But what if I created two pieces that would fit together. As I started to cut and play with the glass, this bird-esque creation came about and it measured 21″w x 14″h.

“Shiny” won “Best In Show” in the Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s ALL Colors in 3D/Mixed Media contest. The piece is completely made with Dichroic glass and was created in two pieces. Like “Flight”, this piece has stand-offs attached so it looks like it’s floating in the air.

“Shiny” is sold.

Kat Huddleston can be reached at See more Kat Art at ArtZipper .

Fused Glass Table Sculptures

Beyond Glass Waves, there’s so much to explore with glass. These table sculptures can be put on a book shelf, a window or any place that can use the beauty of glass.

"Orange Flame"
“Orange Flame” – Sold
“Aqua Wave” – Sold
“Orange Flame”, “Rainbow Spiral”, and “RedWave” – Sold
“Arcadia Tree At Sunset” – Available with stand

If you’re interested in one of the available Table pieces or would like a custom piece made, contact Kat by phone or text at 773-642-6974 or email her at

Kat’s Magical Jewelry

Kat’s Magical Jewelry is created from discarded fairy wings, dragon scales, and other bewitching found objects.** Fairies, like other magical creatures, regularly shed their wings and grow a new pair.

The objects are gathered, sprinkled with pixie dust, blessed by a wizard with healing powers, and turned to glass with dragon fire with the help of a real dragon named Zembynth.

Once Kat has the magical glass, she carefully turns it into jewelry. The magical jewelry promises to make you more handsome or beautiful, more clever, smarter, richer, protect you from nasty goblins, help you find true love, promote a long life, and give you a fine head of hair.

**Of course, for those who don’t believe magic really exists, Fused Glass is an age-old art utilized by the Romans and the Egyptians involving melting glass together. Kat often uses Dichroic Glass (which means “two colors”), a metal oxide applied at the glass factory which was originally developed by NASA for astronaut visors. Pretty cool, huh? Chains are silver and gold plated.

Kat’s Magical Jewelry can be found on, on Facebook at Fused Glass By Kathie, or you can contact her at 773-642-6974.

Animal Paintings

So here’s the deal. I didn’t know I could paint. My mother was a force of nature and an amazing artist and craftsperson. I was the writer and when I retired a few years ago, I was looking for something else to do.

“I See You”

I fiddled around with some crafts and fell in love with glass. At a point, I wanted to see what would happen if I painted glass and found a cool paint called Pebeo Mixed Media Oil Paints that would work on glass. But I wanted to explore the paints before I started working with them on glass.

When I started painting pictures I realized I was having a blast and that I could actually paint. Who knew?! I was amazed. I went from the oil paints to acrylics and haven’t stopped painting.

I started painting animals, because I love them. Their expressive nature seemed like something I could capture. I like to think my mom would like my paintings and probably wouldn’t be surprised at all that I can paint.

The Tiger and “The Big Meow” are not available and have found a great forever homes. The other pictures on this page are available and you can contact me for pricing.

“Curious Sam”
“The Big Meow”

Fantasy Paintings

I’m a sci-fi gal. Always have been. So moving from strictly painting animals to exploring fantasy and sci-fi elements.

“Breathless” – Not Available
“Pegasus Unleashed”- Not Available
“Unicorn” – Not Available
“Hunting The Sun” – Not Available
“Space! Man!” – 10″w x 8″ – Available
“Lady of the Sea” – Not Available
“Two Hearts, One Love” – Not Available
“In Her Dreams” – Not Available
“She’s So Blue”- 12″w x 24″h – Available
“Space Cat Vs TARDIS” – Not Available
“Cat Vs. TARDIS” – Not Available
"Lady Blue"
“Lady Blue”