Animal Paintings

"Out Of The Fire"

So here’s the deal. I didn’t know I could paint. My mother was a force of nature and an amazing artist and craftsperson. I was the writer and when I retired a few years ago, I was looking for something else to do.

“I See You”

I fiddled around with some crafts and fell in love with glass. At a point, I wanted to see what would happen if I painted glass and found a cool paint called Pebeo Mixed Media Oil Paints that would work on glass. But I wanted to explore the paints before I started working with them on glass.

When I started painting pictures I realized I was having a blast and that I could actually paint. Who knew?! I was amazed. I went from the oil paints to acrylics and haven’t stopped painting.

I started painting animals, because I love them. Their expressive nature seemed like something I could capture. I like to think my mom would like my paintings and probably wouldn’t be surprised at all that I can paint.

The Tiger and “The Big Meow” are not available and have found a great forever homes. The other pictures on this page are available and you can contact me for pricing.

“Curious Sam”
“The Big Meow”

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