Kat’s Magical Jewelry

Kat’s Magical Jewelry is created from discarded fairy wings, dragon scales, and other bewitching found objects.** Fairies, like other magical creatures, regularly shed their wings and grow a new pair.

The objects are gathered, sprinkled with pixie dust, blessed by a wizard with healing powers, and turned to glass with dragon fire with the help of a real dragon named Zembynth.

Once Kat has the magical glass, she carefully turns it into jewelry. The magical jewelry promises to make you more handsome or beautiful, more clever, smarter, richer, protect you from nasty goblins, help you find true love, promote a long life, and give you a fine head of hair.

**Of course, for those who don’t believe magic really exists, Fused Glass is an age-old art utilized by the Romans and the Egyptians involving melting glass together. Kat often uses Dichroic Glass (which means “two colors”), a metal oxide applied at the glass factory which was originally developed by NASA for astronaut visors. Pretty cool, huh? Chains are silver and gold plated.

Kat’s Magical Jewelry can be found on ArtZipper.com, on Facebook at Fused Glass By Kathie, or you can contact her at 773-642-6974.

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